DAY1: Adjusting to job-hunting under Covid
~Internships in Japan~
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In the age of co‐existence with Corona, changes are occurring with the way how companies are handling internships and employment. In this age, we need a new method for something akin to an information front that accurately collects various information which connects it to an individual’s employment.

On the other hand, the two important points and that have been in the Japanese job-hunting culture such as self-PR, and how to find your own axis are mandatory for job hunting. Foreign students should be aware that being a foreign student and knowing how to utilize that to prepare oneself for job hunting in Japan will be a crucial and key point.

Japanese job hunting starts from internships! We will ask experts to give concrete examples of how to search for and utilize internships in the co-existence of Corona, and how to conduct self-promotion/appeals (PR)!

We also have discussions and a Q&A session! Please feel free to participate!

The 2nd event
Day2: How to take action in job hunting during this age of co-existence with
Corona? ~How to Appeal Yourself~
DATE: 1st December, 20:00-21:30
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Date Monday, 22nd November, 18:00~19:30
Language English
Participation Fee Free
Venue Online @Zoom
Participants International Students
Hosted by The Consortium of Universities in Hyogo
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